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8 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing

Date: September 4, 2018

This is the jet age and everything has moved from physical to digital. Sure, marketing and advertising are no exceptions. So, digital marketing has become more popular than ever before and every businessperson now wants to join the bandwagon.

No matter the products and services you provide, you need digital marketing. As things are now, you either get your business advertised online or get run out of business by smarter competitors.

As a business owner, you may be wondering why you really need a digital advertiser when you are already making sales with your website. Here are the major services of a digital advertiser.

Digital advertising or digital marketing is the process of promoting your products and services all over the web. It is about creating your presence in search engines and popular social media. That is not all; another part of digital marketing services is sending marketing emails to prospects.

Email Marketing

A digital advertiser filters out the target audience for particular products and services and sends marketing emails to them. He also responds to feedbacks from these people all in the bid to make them see the importance of your products and services.

Leads Generation

No matter how many customers you already have, digital marketing generates new leads every day and also converts old leads into sales. This is how your customer base will continue to increase. More people get to know about your products or services every day.

Massive Awareness

Churning out fantastic products without backing them up with massive awareness is like winking in the dark. You are the only one that knows what you are doing. Besides, your sales are a function of how many leads you are able to generate.

Digital advertising gives you continuous massive awareness. Being in the information age, people usually run a search on any product they want to buy whether they intend to order it online or pick it up at a nearby store. So even if you have offline stores, digital advertising can generate online leads that will increase your offline sales.

A customer that lives about two streets to your offline store will rather pick up a product from your store instead of ordering from Amazon and wait for days. But what if the customer is not aware of your physical store? Digital advertising bridges such gaps. It continuously pulls traffic, converts them into leads and eventually converts the leads to unlimited sales. A very good digital marketing technique is through the use of mobile apps.

However, you have to understand that digital marketing can only notify prospective customers of your products and services. It will pull traffic to your webpage. Only a great content can make them order your products. This is why you also need wonderful web content to support your marketing efforts.

Every mobile app development company smiles to the bank this period. Fortunately, the trend is not going to change anytime soon. App developers are making a killing from app development because the demand for mobile apps has exploded and from the way it looks, the explosion will linger for a pretty long time.

This is because a mobile app has become the best marketing tool that has been developed so far. It combines a wider reach with convenience like no other tool. In spite of that, developers are still improving on it to be able to apply it to several other uses. Some important benefits of mobile apps have been outlined here too.

It Advertises and Reinforces Your Brand

Having mobile app advertisers reinforces your brand. Right now, you already have a mobile app of your bank installed on your phone. What impression will you have about the bank that still does not have a mobile app at this stage? Not having your own mobile app is a big minus and it hinders your credibility as a company.

When people advertise on a billboard (digital and physical), it is for passers-by to see it. Same way when your mobile app is installed on your customers’ phones. They come across it each time they navigate through their phones. That is a constant reminder of your company.

It Offers Easy Accessibility

The mobile app provides a very convenient platform for you to reach your customers and for them to reach you at will. With one single button, you can send either a survey or advertise a product to all the customers who have installed your mobile app on their phone. And they will see it almost immediately.

Even without seeking feedback, your customers can easily send feedback, a suggestion, a complaint or an opinion to you. All they have to do is to click either a link or a button (depending on how your app is designed) and it can either open up a blank email template for them to type their message or just a blank message template. Because of the convenience, customers will use it more.

Since products with explainer videos now sell more than products without it, you might want to also include a link to the explainer videos of your products and services too.

Mobile Apps Can be Integrated with Popular Social Media

Your mobile app can be integrated with popular social media like Facebook and Instagram for easy sharing of any marketing content uploaded on your app. It could also be some explainer videos. Imagine how much sales you will make if a particular explainer video goes viral.

This is why it is necessary to add a little bit of humor in your explainer videos. Your customers will laugh and definitely share it. Remember, as the videos are being circulated, you are not only making sales, your popularity is soaring too.

Mobile Apps Augment Online Sales

This is the main purpose of a mobile app. It is meant to be a platform where people can place orders. In fact, this is why a mobile app is a must for you. Why would a customer go to your website to order your product when he can order the same product through the mobile app of one of your competitors at the same price? Never underestimate the power of convenience.

Mobile Apps Offer Instantaneity

People go about with their mobile devices, so any mobile app installed on these devices offers instantaneity. Whatever message you send to your customers will hit their devices almost immediately.



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