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Choosing a Web Design Agency in South Africa

Date: September 3, 2021

Online presence is key to the success of an enterprise. Almost everything is done via the internet, even ordering your favorite Bobotie. The question now is how and where to begin in this new marketing sphere? Before you start browsing on your favourite search engine for a web design agency in South Africa, you have to be clear on your goals, and how much time, effort and money are you willing to put into putting up a website and keep it running. The website will be your business’s virtual real estate and marketing arm.

Web design is combining technical knowledge and the art of creating something with a purpose. As a client, you have the purpose. A web design agency in South Africa has the technical know-how and creativity of putting it all together for you.

Web Design Agency in South Africa
To get you started, here are things you should know before choosing a web design agency in South Africa:
  1. What will be the function of your website for your business? Aside from introducing your company to prospective customers, what else can it do for your business? Do you want it to generate leads, combined with your automated marketing system, including your email campaign and newsletter? In other words, think of your objectives in setting up the website, and how it can help your business, in particular.
  1. Now that you have specific objectives in setting up your website, and maybe even a vision on how it should look, it is now time to look for a web design agency. In searching for a design company, you might want to look at specific – web design agencies with certain specialties. This can be specific to the industry or size of businesses they cater to or tools they offer in designing a website for you.
  1. Make a list of five web design agencies, study them, and read their case studies, past work, and reviews. See what network of businesses or associations they are members of. Investigate and set up the bar of qualifications you want vs. what these agencies offer and client/customer feedback.
  2. Aside from reviewing and investigating the candidate web design agencies, look into their experience, work culture, and their portfolio of work. This is the time to call and make an appointment, whether in person or via video conference, ask for their experience – either within your sector or industry, the size of the companies they’ve worked with, and how they work, especially customer service and ongoing support.

Are you looking for a web design agency in South Africa with the creativity to sky-rocket your brand into the vast online world? Contact us today for all your web design needs. Send us an email at [email protected] or click here.


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