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Digital Marketing that Grows Your Business

Date: January 4, 2021

If you are unable to generate enough profit from your business or you are not having success in growing your business, the reason could be your marketing strategy. Not many small and medium businesses can afford to run advertisements on the television, and even if they do the achieved results are not up to expectations. This is the reason why small and medium enterprises are opting for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Cape Town

The Cape Town business market is really competitive and therefore you need to adopt a unique digital marketing strategy to make sure that your brand stands out among other competitive brands. Digital marketing is a way of promoting your business or products by using digital platforms. The main objective of digital marketing is to convey your message only to those customers who would be interested in your products.

Here is how digital marketing can help you grow your business:

  1. Compete with large businesses

Large enterprises usually give a hard time to the small ones. Their advertising budget is larger; their marketing team is highly paid and highly skilled. They can use more resources to reach and convince customers. To leverage this, small businesses can use our Digital Marketing Cape Town service to utilize the small resources they have got. By making a proper digital marketing strategy you can compete with the bigger brands and convey a stronger message to the customers.

  1. Reach Larger Audiences

More than 80% of the consumers conduct research online and more than 75% of people shop online. You have to reach these customers to expand your customer base. You can begin a digital marketing campaign, generate quality content, and make people understand what you are offering.

  1. Reach Potential customers

Doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising it will be all for nothing if you don’t reach the right customers. Even if you have an attractive website, offer quality and affordable products, and provide great customer service you cannot generates leads if you don’t reach potential customers. A potential customer is the one who is most likely to turn into a buying customer. Attract and engage only those customers who will be interested in your product. If you are able to get the right traffic for your online store you can increase the lead ratio or conversion rate.

  1. Save your business money

Small businesses don’t have the budget to spend on advertising nor can they afford to start multiple marketing campaigns. A simple TV ad of 30 seconds can cost thousands of dollars, even when it runs at a normal time during the day. Most of the small businesses don’t have the capital to support the TV ads. Even the newspaper ads, radio ads, and billboard ads cost a good amount of money.  Our Digital Marketing Cape Town service provides a cost-effective way of reaching the target audience. You can save all the money that you would have spent on advertising.
It gives you full control of your budget. With digital methods of promotion, you can spend as much as you want.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is a milestone in the progressing of marketing and advertisement. There are different strategies for advertising and marketing via the internet. There were times when only well off companies’ advertisements had been seen on the screen but due to the digitalization every Tom, Dick, and Harry can promote and advertise his business. Here are some top digital marketing strategies that can help you grow your business:

1. Social Media Marketing

This is like the most common, yet most underrated marketing strategy today. You need good social media presence for boosting your business. It is the easiest way of reaching out to new customers and informing them about your products and services. You can regularly post about your product, upload interesting images, and reply to every person that can turn into a potential customer. You can also post your ads on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on Social Media is affordable and allow you to reach the target audiences easily.

2. Content Writing

The demand for content writers is increasing day by day; more so as many businesses want to have quality content written about their businesses. Content writers are SEO and marketing experts, with the complete skill of providing easy to understand the information in fewer words. Articles and blogs are great ways to make people understand what you are offering. You can tell them about yourself, your business, and the services you offer. Quality content will help you in branding your business.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of emails to promote your business and it is still one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing. It’s important for any business looking to reach more customers, as 90% of internet users’ use emails it provides a great chance to reach and convince them. Email marketing campaigns have been an important part of the organizations’ marketing strategy for decades. You can build an email list that will help you keep then updated about all your products and services. It allows you to connect and. Engage with your customers in a less expensive way.

4. Digital Advertising

Majority of your consumers are online, so you must advertise on digital platforms, where you are like to get more attention. Digital ads return great value, for every penny that you spend you on digital ads you will get two. Use social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other popular sites such as YouTube to place your ads. More than 40% of the customers last year purchased a product after seeing its ad on YouTube. You can also make use of pay-per-click ads or search engine advertising. According to SEO statistics, paid ads have increased brand awareness by 80%.

5. Reviews Generation

Another great digital marketing strategy is the generation of legitimate reviews. It helps you maintain a good online reputation. Positive customer reviews improve your brand image and keep you way ahead of the competition. Around 90% of people read online reviews before buying a product or using a service whether for online shops or local retailers.

Importance of a Professional Web Design in Digital Marketing

A professional website can play a significant role in the growth of your business. In this digital world, everyone is using the internet for getting information on businesses and products. A website is the core aspect of your digital marketing strategy; it’s the basic communication medium between you and your customers and therefore your first impression. For most customers, an online shop provides great convenience. They can access it 24/7 with ease.

Your website will be able to help you grow your business depending on the web design techniques used. You need to create a website that only provides users with the answers to their question, it needs to be accurate and to-the-point.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many people believe that just making a website and putting it on the internet is enough. Well, this is not correct, the cool layouts, aesthetic design, user-friendly interface, all are in vain if the consumers can’t find you on the internet. If there is no traffic you won’t benefit from your website. This is where SEO comes in handy.

There are more than a million sites registered in South Africa and almost every small business has its own website. The same trend follows in Cape Town as well, to be able to stay alive in the highly competitive environment of Cape Town; you need work on your SEO strategies.

SEO helps you be more accessible to your customers on the search engine. It makes your website more visible and improves your search engine ranking. Design your website keeping SEO in minds. Use rich content on every web page and also use the right keywords that people can search on the search engines

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization means turning more visitors into buying customers. Your website’s design can play a big role in CRO. Your web pages must create a positive influence on users mind. The feeling that a customer gets after landing on your website can convince him to pay hundreds of dollars but it can also prevent him from doing so. The design must appear authentic as well. Web pages must be easy to load and users mustn’t need to navigate to different pages for a single piece of information.

Also, if you want to get the maximum traffic that would spend a good amount of time on your website you need to make a lighter website. Site speed is a very important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. Everyone would want to visit a website again and again if it’s performing at its optimum level. If the design is less complex and more pleasing there is a great chance that the user would definitely buy something.

Digital Agency

If you are having trouble in creating an efficient digital marketing strategy then you can take help from a digital agency. A digital agency would help you improve your online presence and engage with potential customers in a better way.

One such digital agency is Galactic Digital that would be a perfect choice for you. They have highly skilled marketing and web design experts who would build a complete and efficient digital marketing strategy for your business. Contact us today to get us invested in your business


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